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About CZRC

The Central Zone Referees' Committee (CZRC) has been active and responsible for all officials since its' formation in 1979 as a subcommittee of the Hockey Alberta Referees' Council.  Central Zone is one of 6 Referee Zones in the province and overlaps Hockey Alberta's Zone 9 (Calgary) and Zone 6 which includes Banff, Claresholm, Strathmore, and Drumheller to name a few.  This past season CZRC was home to 1400+ officials.  The Central Zone Executive is made up of 11 elected officials comprising the following positions, Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, and seven Directors.  A past chairman also sits at the executive table when available.  Elections are held every year in April at our AGM and terms are 2 years in length.  In general the executive makes up a broad cross section of the zone with rural and urban, young and old, elite and community officials.
CZRC through its executive is responsible for and oversees all officials within its' boundaries.  The task of administrating the zone is accomplished mainly by the 11 elected volunteers and the 20 Referee-in-Chiefs (located in the rural centres) with support from a small but passionate volunteer community.  Over the past three season a concerted effort has been made to grow this volunteer community with significant progress made this past season.  The demands and expectations of today's hockey community have necessitated this push for a sharing of the workload and a need for more "hands on deck".  The hockey community today expects reliable, well trained, experienced officiating to provide the safe and fair environment demanded by parents.  To accomplish this CZRC runs 50+ officiating clinics every season, completes 2000+ supervisions, conducts 20+ mini-refresher clinics, and completes 300+ Shadows.  All of that work supports the 35,000+ hockey games (approx 100,000 officiating assignments) that the volunteer team assigns.

For Executive contact information please refer to the Executive tab on the main page of the website. 

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