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Dark Day Reminder - Urgent


Fellow Officials, just a friendly reminder that the 2010 - 2011 Hockey Season has already started. In fact we had officials on the ice in August. We need to know your availability / dark days today.

We need to ensure that all those officials who regularly work CZRC assigned hockey (through Scott, Angelique, Judy, Lyn or Doug) submit their "Availability" / Dark Days which are due by the 5th of every month. Now that is Sept 10, 2010, if you haven't sent in your availability, then the Assignors need your help, please submit your availability by email to darkdays@czrc.ab.ca.

By now, many of you will have received an email from the CZRC Goalline system advising you of your username and new password. If you have not received one yet, be patient, you will receive it, it just takes time to get 1000+ Officials updated.

Detailed instructions on how to login to the Goalline system and what you need to do once you login will be posted here very soon. If you do login, you will need to update your contact information and set up your availability.

Yes we will be running the darkdays program the way we have always done in the past, and at the same time we will be using the new Goalline Availability / Assigning system for some levels of hockey, not all levels just yet.

The big difference with our new Goalline system is that when you set your availability in the system, your are actually checking off the days & times that you are available rather than crossing out the days your are not available. The system by default shows you as unavailable to skate hockey until you login and say when you are available.

Thank you once again for your patience as we move through this new process, in the mean time please help out the Assignors by submitting your availability today.

Thank you,


Warren Randle
Director, Rural,
Internet & Goalline


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